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Advertisement Exchange

Adfinity Global Solutions has established a powerful cloud platform to manage the advertisers’ content online. Manage content of your digital screens online through our cloud based CMS and redefine digital displays at your shops or offices to create greater impact.

Hardware solutions

Media Player - Our time tested and performance driven industrial grade media players have the capacity to work 24x7 in temperature conditions ranging from -2 Degrees to 50 Degrees.

Video Walls – We offer customizable video walls in any size to suit your business demands. These Video walls are suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use and may be curved or flat, 2D or 3D. Depending on the requirement and purpose, we can offer a wide range of solutions.

Magic Mirror - Imagine a mirror that starts showing videos the moment someone walks past the same. If you want to add the real WOW factor to your brand or promotion, these Magic Mirrors are just right. Surprise your customer with these mirrors that have proven to excite and engage the audience.

Digital Posters – Displaying ads on store fronts obstruct the view of the store. Not anymore! Now you can display your promotional ads on your store front and yet have it remain transparent and allow customers to view the store interiors. We offer just the solution that does both!

Omni Channel Retail Solutions - Today’s competitive retail environment demands your brand’s presence on both online and offline channels. However, with offline stores, space can often be limiting for the range of products you could display. Adfinity presents its Omni Channel Retail solutions that help showcase your complete range of products to your in-shop customers. We can help create not just virtual showcases, but also virtual mannequins that can help customers try out their purchases without entering a trial room! These interactive solutions make client interface personal and fun. Hold your favorite outfit in front of you to see how it fits or just by waving at the screen. It’s about bringing fun back into shopping.

Glass Free 3D Displays - For the first time in India, Adfinity Global Solutions has launched the Glass Free 3D screens in Indoor Digital advertising. Imagine the impact your brand can create with an image actually popping out of the screens ... we are serious!!


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