In a fast paced and dynamically evolving retail landscape, brands today increasingly depend on various touchpoints to establish a conversation with the consumer and create an experience. Brand Engagement today has metamorphosed to Real Emotional Engagement as marketers realize the need to drive sales and profitability, besides just creating awareness through Brand Engagement.

"Turning Engagement to Value"

Adfinity Global's new programme for Brand Engagement is a platform that aptly combines your Brand’s requirement for 3600 occupation with the customer while offering the customer a holistic, positive and rewarding experience when shopping.

We realize that real emotional engagement must not only yield measurable results in terms of engagement, dwell time, intent to buy and actually buying, but more importantly create value for the customer. The BE3600 is a unique Rewards programme that is aimed at improving a brand’s real emotional engagement with the customer.

The programme is aimed at helping shopping malls with multiple brand/ product outlets to gather meaningful data that can be effectively utilized to reward heavy spenders and incentivize window-shoppers or causal customers. Data gathered can be used to differentiate between heavy or habitual spenders from the non-spenders and accordingly design Loyalty programmes and schemes.

The patented Adfinity BE3600 programme is scientifically developed by incorporating User/ Shopper Rewards insights, thereby enabling malls in enhancing customer shopping experience while helping brands promote themselves.

The programme is poised to be launched soon across leading malls in the country. Contact us for more details.


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