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Brand Activation, Promotion and Direct Marketing are intrinsic to brand communication as brands continue to focus on experiential marketing to push sales. A growing number of service related industries such as hospitality, healthcare, financial institutions as well as multiplexes, malls and retail chains present wide opportunities for brands to market themselves to a receptive and captive audience.

Today, Digital Indoor media has evolved to offer multiple benefits to advertisers as they have been effective in enthralling and engaging the audience while creating personalized user interface and an enhanced shopping experience.

Given its proficiency and expertise in the roll out of digital indoor and outdoor signages and screen business across leading retail giants and shopping malls, Adfinity Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd now offers custom solutions that can help brands enhance their visual marketing strategy. We consult some of the upcoming shopping malls and leading retail brands in relation to their Digital Signage requirements by offering some of the most innovative solutions that include Intelligent Visual Displays, Internet enabled Billboards, Digital Menu Boards, Cloud-based Content Management Software (CMS) and much more.

Feel free to reach out to us and make full use of our domain expertise.

ADFINITY Intelligent Visual Displays & Digital Signages

Adfinity Intelligent Visual Displays & Digital Signages

Advertisement Exchange

Adfinity Global has established a powerful cloud platform to manage the advertisers’ content online. Manage content of your digital screens online through our cloud based CMS and redefine digital displays at your shops or offices to create greater impact.

ADFINITY Intelligent Visual Displays & Digital Signages

Industry Specific Solutions

Financial Institutions

Banking and Insurance companies typically have a captive audience interacting within a controlled environment, making them more receptive to wide range of products and service offers.


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