Financial Institutions

Banking and Insurance companies typically have a captive audience interacting within a controlled environment, making them more receptive to a wide range of products and service offers. Far removed from the clutter of traditional promotional material such as posters, banners, etc., digital signages and solutions are the perfect ambient marketing media that can be used to not only showcase relevant content but also enhance the overall experience for customers as they help in decluttering the surrounding environment.

Indoor digital signages are also the perfect media to promote employee interactions through corporate communication programs in addition to being ideal communication platforms for promotional offers, advertising campaigns, scheme announcements and more.

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Healthcare Centers are the ideal environment for networked indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions. With an average waiting room dwell time of 30 - 60 minutes, advertisers and content partners have the best opportunity to market products, services as well as create awareness within a targeted demographic. In addition, digital signage decreases audience perception of dwell time, while providing an effective way for medical providers to communicate with and educate patients while reducing clerical staff interruptions. Research has proven that visitors at the healthcare centers prefer to have digital signages that provide information on products and services, thereby enhancing business opportunity for brands.

Through a digital signage healthcare network, providers can offer a well-balanced programming format of up-to-date patient education and testing information, healthcare news, supplemental preventive medicine programming as well as sponsored promotional segments and messages.

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Redefine the way you welcome guests. From the moment they enter your hotel’s driveway; all the way to their rooms, Adfinity digital screens can completely revolutionize your marketing strategy, making your Guests’ experience truly unique. Create a positive impact, share information, indulge in subtle yet effective marketing of your property, services, amenities, Loyalty programmes and more. Adfinity provides end-to-end functionality for in-room, restaurant or venue display screens, Digital Menu or brand advertising screens, in addition to solutions for interactive applications, displaying flight information, meeting room schedules and more with various template options.

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Retail chains are the ideal environment for networked digital signage solutions. Customers typically visit retail chains to shop or browse, often with families or friends and hence present the perfect opportunity for brands to effectively communicate or interact with customers in a captive environment. Indoor and Outdoor digital signages are ideal for enhancing brand recall and when strategically placed within the store, can effectively influence customers’ buying decisions. Digital signages help reduce dependency on in-store employees to execute point-of-purchase marketing, promotions and brand activation as they are ably suited to communicate tailored messages within specifically targeted areas of the store.

Adfinity Global Solutions guarantee sales lift inside Retail chains. Our specialized Age and Gender Recognition enabled screens are equipped to guess the age and gender of a shopper and publish relevant content. We also provide technology that seeks intelligence from our registered users’ social media profile. This artificial intelligence enabled media is sure to revolutionize Retail marketing.

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