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Dear Friends,

For so many years, my fans and people of the country have entrusted me with their hopes, aspirations and appreciation, which has been my biggest inspiration in everything that I do today. With fame comes responsibility and having been the face of many successful products and brands, I have come to understand the value of right messaging as people buy into the promise of the brand and the brand ambassador. This only makes us work harder for what we are expected to deliver, only so that at the end of the day, the customer wins!!

Branding today has assumed a portentous role in marketing. Successful brands are often built on the solid premises of quality, identity, reach, utility, value, exclusivity and so on. These are integral and help define the structure a brand. However, in a marketplace that is teaming with many such brands, what makes one brand stand out versus another?

The answer is very simple; it is not about how a brand communicates to its customers, but how well it is understood by them. Hence it is not just about the message that it sends out, but how well is that message portrayed in a manner that is simplistic, effective and engaging. Brands are built best when they interact easily with customers at a time when he/she is most relaxed and receptive.

Today, there are plenty of media options in the market that are smart, competitive and help brands reach even the remotest recesses of the country. However, the growing number of options have also resulted in a lot of clutter, leading to information overload and making a lot of such media redundant. The OOH media in India is one such that has fallen prey to poor maintenance, over-crowding in cities, lack of effective locations and more importantly lack of accurate data to measure ROI.

The growing retailscape in the country today has increased the demand for effective and engaging media that provides brands with the best visibility as well as adequate measurable parameters to gauge effectiveness of its investments.

Adfinity Global Solutions (P) Ltd brings unique branding and communication solutions that integrate the best of digital and OOH media in a winning combination to maximize your brand’s presence across both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Boasting of sophisticated technology, world class quality products and presence across leading malls in Bangalore, Kochi and with many more to come; Adfinity Global Solutions provides the perfect last leg solution to brand marketing strategies. Our digital screens enable brands to capture customer attention and enhance brand recall, thereby significantly impacting buyer decision in favour of the advertised brand.

Our team of industry professionals with extensive knowledge of media and deep domain expertise are able to offer customised solutions to optimize your media investment with focus on maximizing your ROI.

Adfinity Global Solutions will also soon launch a unique bleeding edge technology platform (patent pending) that aims to bring in digital intelligence and engagement to the physical world of shopping malls.

As with people who have been blessed with their share of name and fame, it is often said that there always is an element of luck at play. I believe that the luck people talk about is actually about capitalizing on opportunities that we have been bestowed with. With ADFINITY Global working for your brand, its good luck all the way!

Welcome to the world of Adfinity Global Solutions!

Warmest Regards


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